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Hello and welcome to my dynamic, living, breathing, ever changing photographic website. Please look around and continue to revisit frequently. I've carried a photographic passion for many years. I'm always searching for my next photographic adventure be it outside my front door or the opposite side of the world.

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Interruptions to my photographic journey at numerous times during my life never diminished my passion. I love work that has a sense of light. Great photographs, like great paintings, have a sense of luminosity, scale and shadow that give a two-dimension image a third dimension. Regardless of the subject, I always seek to produce the perfect image at the moment of capture. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes...

Photography is a combination of vision, craft, and editing. As photographers, we take far more photographs than will ever be displayed. How we select the images on which to work is a very personal journey. Sometimes it takes years to understand or explore the possibilities of an image. I have to wait until they are ready to speak to me. Sometimes I’m listening and sometimes I’m not. In the end, it’s not about the process; it’s about the image. It either works or it doesn’t.

An independent photographer and consultant who is based in Washington DC, I’m available to discuss commissioned works and projects or to share my photographic knowledge. You can contact me on social media at LinkedIn, Face Book, and Twitter or through this website.

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I like the useful information you provide in your articles.Amazing website.
I like the useful information you provide in your articles.Amazing website.
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